Sundance Spotlight: Mass

Join Val as she sits down with the producers from one of the most powerful films of 2021, MASS. Exactly one year after the world premiere of MASS, Dylan Matlock and J.P. Ouellette talks about their journey to get this film made, get it into Sundance and then see it head into the 2022 Award season.

Mass is a 2021 American drama film written and directed by Fran Kranz (in his directorial debut) and starring Reed Birney, Ann Dowd, Jason Isaacs, and Martha Plimpton as grieving parents who meet to discuss a tragedy involving their sons. The film had its world premiere at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival on January 30, 2021, and was released on October 8, 2021, by Bleecker Street. https://bleeckerstreetmedia.com/mass


Sundance Spotlight: You Won't Be Alone

Valerie Cameron chats with Film Editor Luca Cappelli to talk about this strange and mysterious film: You Won't Be Alone. In Theatres April 1, 2022

In 19th-century Macedonia, a young girl is kidnapped and then transformed into a witch by an ancient spirit. Curious about life as a human, the witch accidentally kills a peasant in the nearby village and then takes her victim's shape to live life in her skin. Her curiosity ignited; she continued to wield this horrific power to understand what it means to be human.


Sundance Film Festival Spotlight: Girl Picture

Valerie Cameron chats with Director Alli Haapasalo and stars Linnea Leino, Aamu Milonoff and Eleonoora Kauhanen from the film "Girl Picture". The film premiered January 24th at the Sundance Film Festival 2022.

Best friends Mimmi and Rönkkö work after school at a food court smoothie kiosk, frankly swapping stories of their frustrations and expectations regarding love and sex. Volatile misfit Mimmi, unexpectedly swept up in the thrill of a new romance with Emma (a driven skater training for the European championships),

struggles to adjust to the trust and compromise required by a lasting relationship. Meanwhile, the offbeat, indefatigable Rönkkö hits the teen party scene, stumbling through a series of awkward encounters with members of the opposite sex while hoping to find her own version of satisfaction.

Girl Picture manifests its uninhibited characters’ youthful energy and smartly centers the chemistry between its three terrific leads. Within the film’s tender, funny exploration of the fears and confusions of discovering one’s identity and sexuality, a refreshingly positive portrait of the power of female friendship emerges. Writers Daniela Hakulinen and Ilona Ahti consistently present the film’s teen protagonists as complex individuals, while director Alli Haapasalo, rather than aestheticizing the girls’ femininity, vibrantly depicts their trials and tribulations through their own eyes.


Sundance Spotlight: The Panola Project

Valerie Cameron gets to talk with Writer/Director/Producer Rachael DeCruz, and Jeremy S. Levine about their amazing short film: The Panola Project". Chronicling how an often-overlooked rural Black community comes together in creative ways to survive during the pandemic watch their film here https://youtu.be/j1wI4T9SKGA www.bit.ly/dorothysundance https://www.instagram.com/thepanolaproject


Val chats with editor Michael Felker Editor from Something In The Dirt.

Something in the Dirt is a feature at Sundance Film Festival 2022. Val's review of the movie will be at Whattoseewithval.com Levi has snagged a no-lease apartment sight unseen in the Hollywood Hills to crash at while he ties up loose ends for his exodus from Los Angeles. He quickly strikes up a rapport with his new neighbor John, swapping stories like old friends under the glowing, smoke-filled skies of the city. One day, Levi and John witness something impossible in one of their apartments. Terrified at first, they soon realize that this could change their lives and give them a purpose. With dollar signs in their eyes, these two random dudes will attempt to prove the supernatural. DIY wonderkids Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson make their Sundance Film Festival debut, serving as co-directors, co-stars, co-editors, writer (Benson), and cinematographer (Moorhead) of this twisted, sci-fi talkie. Their oddball chemistry shines on screen and in the script, as these two isolated and unfulfilled individuals spur each other toward wormholes and away from reality. Something In The Dirt tells a tale of these paranoid times, where every answer imaginable is just a Google search away. https://festival.sundance.org/program/#film-info/61ae0c6814aef777f01bed38


Sundance Spotlight: HALLELUJAH

Valerien Cameron sits down with Victor Gabriel, Writer/Director Duran Jones, Producer to talk about their short film "HALLELUJAH".

Writer/Director: Victor Gabriel Producer: Duran Jones Cast: Bruce A. Lemon (Host of KPCC-FM’s UnheardLA), Richard Nevels (Insecure), Stephen Laroy Thomas, Mariah Pharms (Double Cross), Damon Rutledge (Head of Passes), Maelina Gibson (Don’t Judge Me) Website: https://www.blkmgccontent.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ablackboynamedhallelujah/ IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt15469862


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Neptune Frost 

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Brainwashed: Sex-Camera-Power 


Framing Agnes 

The Territory 

A House Made of Splinters 

God’s Country 

Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. 

Something In The Dirt 


Girl Picture 

The Janes 


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