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All of these films will be nominated this award show season!

check me out on Good Things Utah as I talk about Licorice Pizza, House of Gucci and Disney's Encanto!
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Disney+ Day and Belfast

Check me out on Good Things Utah as I talk about Disney+ Day content and the anticipated movie Belfast.

Read my full written reviews "Olaf Presents", "Coia Roberto", "Home Sweet Home Alone" and "Belfast" by scrolling down.


Finch, Spencer and Eternals

Check out Val on Good Things Utah talking about Finch, Spencer and Eternals.


Lamb & No Time To Die

Check out Val on Good Things Utah talking about Lamb and No Time To Die.



My pick of the week is Encanto! Rated PG Walt Disney Animation for the win! Disney's 60th Animated movie with make you smile this Holiday...


Disney+ Series Episodes 1 & 2 Hawkeye is the Disney+ series based on the character Hawkey from the MCU and comicbooks. The series starts...

The Power of the Dog

Rated R The Power of The Dog is a quiet and menacing story about two wealthy ranchers in Montana, one quiet and clean and the other...


Belfast Rated PG 13 Actor turned Director Kenneth Branagh creates a semi-autobiographical film the relives the life of a working-class...

Home Sweet Home Alone

Home Sweet Home Alone Rated PG A Little over 30 years ago a young, overly excited kid named Kevin McCallister rocked the box office and...


Reviews by Valerie Cameron Finch Rated PG-13 Tom Hanks, a dog and not one but two robots! What more could you want in a film. Tom Hanks...


It's a dark version of an important weekend of Princess Diana's Life, but does it work?


Eternals Rated PG-13 The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been around for a while now. With more than 20 films leading us to this point, it...


The Addams family 2, Venom and The ManySaints Of Newark.

Check out Val's segment on Good Things Utah


The Eyes Of Tammy Faye, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie and Cry Macho.

Check out Val on Good Things Utah 


The Falcon and Winter Soldier, The Courier and Zack Snyder's Justice League (The Snyder Cut)

IT's All About the Superheroes! 


Mortal Kombat and Oscar 2021 predictions.

Check out Val on Good Things Utah talking about Mortal Kombat and shares her predictions for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Picture for the Oscars.




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