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How It Got Started

What is it that fuels you?

For me, it’s talking about movies and television shows. I love movies and seeing stories created for a big screen. Seeing movies and tv shows and then talking with people about what we love and don't like is something that we need more of.

I went to film school when I was 17 years old at USC. Left home 2 weeks after graduating high school and started one of the biggest journeys of my life. When I watched movies and tv as a kid, I was amazed at home much I learned through the stories being told.

As I got older I worked on short films, indie films and worked with local film groups in Utah. Then I got into radio. Telling stories is what has been the constant in my life, the mediums have changed but the excitement is the same.  

WHAT TO SEE WITH VAL is all about talking the real talk about this media. Movies and television has changed so much over the past 10 years and it's very exciting. New voices being heard and represented. So many different ways for people to view and consume media is endless. 
I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the content. Visit the forum and let's chat about movies together. 

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Utah Film Critics Association

Valerie is a proud member of the Utah Film Critics Association

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Formed in 2002, the Utah Film Critics Association (UFCA) meets every December to vote on the year’s best cinema. To meet the the UFCA members, click here. To view past and current award winners, click here. To contact the UFCA regarding membership, screenings or screeners/screening links, or regarding advertising on the website, please use the contact us form by clicking this link.

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