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Rated PG-13

Animated Documentary

This extraordinary story is about an Afghan refugee named Amin Nawabi. His journey as a refugee began when he was just a child and now the secret, he has kept about his past for 20 years could hurt the life he has made and his future. This is a hard story to tell and to wittiness but director Jonas Poher Rasmussen told the story mostly through animation.

For some reason it seems to be easier for me to understand and not be so heartbroken when watching in this medium. It is brilliant, sad, heroic and unimaginable that a child, that children have to go through this.

This man has had such a compelling life and in Flee, he tells his story first time. This documentary breaks many boundaries and we will see it nominated during this award season for several awards including Best Documentary and Best Animated Film.

Grade A

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