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Cheesy Movie Weekend!

If you love movies that are just fun and cheesy, then some of these movies may be fore you.

Not every movie we go see needs to be technically good, on the move to be nominated for an academy award, some movies are just popcorn, brain candy fun. That is how I am rating these films and BTW, they should all be watched at home. No need to rush out to the theatre for these films.

Bring the Cheese weekend!

The Wolf and The Lion

Rated PG

Blue Fox Entertainment

Alma is a young music student who just lost her grandfather who lives and owns an island in the Canadian Wilderness. As she ventures back to her childhood home to put her grandfather to rest, her life takes an unplanned turn. Alma has a love for animals that most people don’t, thanks to being raised by her animal-loving grandfather. After some weird circumstances Alma encounters a snow Wolf, her cub and surprisingly a Lion cub. Not wanting them to be turned over to the wrong people, she hides them on the secluded island and raises them as one big family. The young cubs form a brother bond that will serve them well later in the movie.

This movie brings in question the right thing to do with wild animals and there is some confusing messaging. You will fall in love with the wolf and the lion, but the side stories of the humans fall a little flat. The Wolf and The Lion has some tear-jerking moments together, and the footage of them is choreographed like a nature show. There are also so breathtaking views and shots that will make you want to venture off to Canada. The movie, however, feels like a family movie from 1995 and pretty predictable but your young kids will find it endearing and you won't hate yourself for watching it at home for a family movie night.

Grade: B-

The Long Night

Rated R

Well Go USA Entertainment

Sometimes you should let your past stay in your past. Grace is searching for the family she's never known. She leaves New York and heads to her childhood home, a plantation in the deep south. She heads there with her big city Jack. As soon as the two arrive at the picturesque grounds they start realizing something is not right. This film is not your typical Horror movie. It does have suspense, some gore and the right amount of cheesiness. I had a lot of fun watching it because it was not that scary, but also Grace is not a regular female horror character that is weak and vulnerable. Also, her boyfriend Jack is totally not phased and unlike most characters in a movie like this, he wants to get the heck out of that house like a normal person and not run up the stairs instead of out the front door. The story has its moments where it is totally predictable and then those WTH moments that every good horror movie is known for. I don’t usually like Horror films, and this was a fun little ride. People that are big into Horror may think it is too lightweight and not slasher enough and scary. All in all, I did not hate it and I appreciated the good cinematography and really good score. I also didn’t mind that I didn’t have a hard time going to sleep after I watched it.

Grade: B


Rated PG-13


Take The Day after Tomorrow, 2021, Contact, Armageddon and Deep Impact; roll them up like a fruit roll up and that is what this movie is. With a great cast like Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, John Bradley, Michael Peña, Charlie Plummer, Kelly Yu, Donald Sutherland you would think it was a slam dunk. Brian Harper and Jocinda Fowler are astronauts who get caught up in a mysterious dark cloud in space. Later we find out that that same mass may have something to do with the moon moving out of orbit. John Bradly plays KC Housman, one of the only people who may know what is going on with the moon, but everyone thinks he is a crazy conspiracy theorist. IF you want a disaster/save the hearth movie that is pure brain candy, this is for you. There are story holes, totally unrealistic science, over acting and predictable moments; but that is the fun of this kind of movie. It will not be nominated for anything…well maybe a Razie, but you will laugh and have a good time if you let yourself. Plus, I am happy to see Halle back on the big screen!

Grade: C+

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04 févr. 2022

Great reviews Val. I was excited to see Moonfall in the theater but probably wait to watch on dvd

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