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My pick of the week is Encanto!

Rated PG

Walt Disney Animation for the win! Disney's 60th Animated movie with make you smile this Holiday season. If you love the feel of Moana and Tangled, then you will love this movie. It is about a very special family, The Madrigals. They live in a town in the mountains far away from civilization. When one of the family members comes of age, they are supposed to get a "gift" a special power. They use their powers to help the local village prosper and the family stay together. When something goes wrong with one of the gifts the family is put under some stress and they learn what the real power of family means. This is a cultural feel good.

In Encanto Disney does such a great way at mixing the magical with the everyday. Most of us have a sibling or relative who we get along with the most, one we look up to, one we can't stand and one who seems like a mystery. In this movie we really get to take a look inside a family who is like most of our families, but also has magical gifts. What if the gift you were given was more of a burden than a gift? What if you didn't think you had the same amazing gifts as your family and you didn't belong? what if you let your family down? These are all questions that are being asked and answered on the film.

Without giving too much away I want to talk about the magic. I knew from seeing the trailers that I would love the animation and everything this movie had to offer visually. I was not disappointed. We get magical houses, people who can shapeshift, colorful designs and visuals that will make you want to watch this again and again. What I didn't expect was loving the music as much as I did. I is Disney, they are known for their music and catchy songs. This soundtrack and score are on a different level. Academy Award winner and composer Germaine Franco (Coco, The Book of Life) worked closely with Lin-Manuel Miranda for the score of Encanto. A magical pairing.

From the Disney short "Far from the Tree" to the movie Encanto itself, this entire package is a win. Its Family, its love, its struggle, it is beautiful. I laughed, I cried, I danced in my seat and I want to see it again. Don't' miss it on the big screen November 24th, 2021.

Grade A

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