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Rated R

Riz Ahmed (Sound of Metal) is back in this Sci-Fi Thriller. He plays a decorated Marine (Malik) who believes he, his sons and this planet are in danger. He sets out to save his two young sons from this mysterious threat. As soon as he gets his sons the mission takes on a different tone and goes in a very dangerous direction. Malik has a confidant he trusts during this journey, Hattie, played by Octavia Spencer. As he gets himself deeper and deeper into this twisted mystery, she tries to keep him grounded. This movie has many movements that keep you on the edge of your seat.

The story is something new and thrilling and Riz lives up to his talented acting chops. Even though it has all of the ingredients for a really good thriller, Encounter is messy in parts and losses momentum. They underutilize Octavia Spencer and the unique story they have created. It is a perfectly adequate movie that is good for a weekend night at home. I would not rush out to see this one in the theatre, but luckily it will be on Amazon Prime Video December 10th

Grade C+

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