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Fast X

Fast X

Rated PG-13


Universal Pictures

This is the tenth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise (with some cavoites, Fun facts about the franchise in listed on my website). Dom and his Family are thrown together again to save each other everyone they love. If you are a big fan of the films and have been waiting for this one, it does not disappoint. Bringing characters back from the dead, ridiculous high action high jinks and the most "FAMILIES" ever said in any of the films. I know, I counted hahaha.

If you are new to the franchise, I believe you can go to this movie without having seen any of the other films and you can enjoy it. My husband has seen bits and pieces of a few of the films and we both laughed outload and enjoyed the ride. I emphasize the laugh out loud part. This is meant to be fun. You have to be able to suspend reality and science and basic theories of gravity. The reason why this franchise is one of my favorites is because it is a true "release" movie. You go, you pretendant you escape. You get everything you love about the original movies.

Music plays a big part in the franchise and this film. You get all kids of cars and crazy vehicles, explosions, more explosions, superhero like fighting and Vin Deiseal trying to keep his family together times 10. Jason Momoa joins the cast of misfits and at first, I was not buying it. Then something magical happened about 20 min into the film that made everything he was doing make sense and became brilliant. Don't forget to stay for the mid credit scene, it is exciting!

I hate generalizing about a group of people, but most critics are going to hate this film. It is filled with fan service, explosions for the sake of explosions and uninhibited fun. It's fun! That's why we love it. I don't go to F&F movies to see an "Oscar" movie. I go to let go.

I am also an action film junkie and this film hits like an overdose you will come back from.

Ok, we have established it as an action film, but like any F&F movie it also has heart. We see the love that Dom has for his son and his Familia. We see a domesticated side of the team that is ready to do their day-to-day work, then clock out and be calm. It is giving us "regular life mode" vibes, that most people stive for. Unfortunately, because of their past discrepancies, there is no way any of them can live a regular life.

I screened it in the IMAX and I recommend you do it as well. I may see you there, I am totally seeing it again. It is also important to know that this is the beginning of a trilogy for this story line within the Fast franchise. They do a great job in this film connecting the dots from the past to movie to story on for the future of these three movies. I for one am intrigued. So, fasten your seatbelts! (Sorry, had to do it,)

There is so much I want to get into in this review, but I also want you to experience the film the way I did, with no spoilers and moments of outload laughter, excitement and surprise. So go see the film and then join me for some live conversations about this film and the franchise, with some fans and friends coming up in my YouTube channel

Also, this Monday we will be reviewing the film on Movies That Make Us Podcast. Listen anywhere podcast can be heard or watch us on our YouTube channel.

Grade A


How many Fast and Furious movies are there as of today?

This is a trick question...This will be fun :) Several prizes can be given out for

this one.

10 official full length

12 including 2 short films

13 if we jump into the expanded universe with Hobbs and Shaw

15 if we want to go even deeper and add The Italian Job from 2003 (Jason

Stathem mentions it in Hobbs and Shaw) and Better Luck tomorrow 2002

Director Justin Lin basically transferred his character Han from that movie to

Tokyo Drift!

Who owes Dominic 'a 10 second car' in the first movie? Brian

Vin Diesel skipped the second movie so he and director Rob Cohen could work

on what movie? XXX

What does Brian steal at the end of '2 Fast 2 Furious'? Money

What part does Michelle Rodriguez play in 'The Fast and the Furious' movies?


Who saves Dominic from getting arrested after the first race in 'The Fast and

the Furious'? Brian

Who says 'Life is simple, you make choices and never look back' in 'Tokyo

Drift'? Han

Where does Dominic turn up after the credits in the first movie? Mexico

Who wasn't part of the team that helps Dominic escape at the start of 'Fast

Five'? Vince

Who says, 'It's all between you and the car you build it's a bond, it's a

commitment' in 'Fast & Furious 6'? Tej

What is the color of the underglow of Dominic's Honda Civic? Green

What car is Dom’s main car from the franchise? 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

How many times is the word “Family”Said in Fast 9? Seven times by

six different characters. Only once by Dom

What Fast movies is the word “Family” Used the most?

A)2 fast 2 Furious (0)

B)The Fate of the Furious (14)

C)Furious 7 (9)

Who is the new actor entering the cast for Fast X?

Jason Mamoa

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