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Funny Thing About Love

Funny Thing About Love

Rated PG

Most of us ask ourselves every holiday season “why don’t we have more movies that happen during Thanksgiving?” Funny Thing About Love is trying to scratch that itch. This is a low budget, independent feel-good movie. If you are a fan of Hallmark movies, this will probably be right up your ally. We had a Utah preview night last month but today it is opening in limited theatres and streaming.

Funny Thing About Love tells the story of Samantha Banks, a very successful woman who is taking her fiancé home for Thanksgiving. She has no Idea that her family has invited her ex-boyfriend along for the ride. The entire movie all I could think about is that Samantha deserves better than both of these men. It's a little old fashioned and off pace for me. If you love cheese and funny, family style antics, this movie has an overload of it. Jon Heder, Barry Corbin and Pat Finn show their familiar faces but it is not enough to make this movie a home run. Add it to your “Hallmark” movie Romcom list, but this is not something you should run out to see in theaters.

Grade C

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