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Heartbreaking, Heart Warming and Fantastical.

So far this is my movie of the year.

We Grown Now

Rating PG

Sony Picture Classics

Stage 6 Films

Broadway Century Cinemas (Salt Lake City)

Opperated by the Salt Lake Film Society

Two young boys Malik and Eric are growing up in Chicago's Cabrini-Green and wonerding what life would be outside of the wrold they are growing up in. As best friends going through hardships, they are trying to figure out what most of us adults have been trying to figure out our entire lives, " Is where you are from the person you are?" Can we appreciate our community and upbringing and still dream outside of the borders life has set for us.

Grab some tissues and hold on for an emotional and heartfelt ride. At a time when the Chicago Bulls star Micheal Jordan is conquring the world of basketball, these young boys are dreaming of what a life would be outside of the only world they know. This is one of the most creative movies built around real-life experiences I have seen. We have all see coming of age stories, this one is simple, effective and honest. The audience is brought full circle into the young black experience in our country. We often hear that films can be like poetry and this film is an example of words flowing off the page and visually taking us to a place of heartache, whimsy and hope. From the musical selection, the cinematography and the absolutely amazing performances by the two young boys. This story makes you want such an increadible friend bond last forever, through every obsticle and beyond any city.

I love seeing actress and producer, Jurnee Smollett, showing that she has built on her talent. She knows what it is like to be a child actor and to carry a movie on your shoulders. "We Grown Now" has been recognized at so many different film festivals:

TIFF, the film was the winner of the Changemaker Award. the Audience Choice Award for Best U.S. Feature at the Chicago International Film Festival. Film Independent Film Awards Best Editing. Stephanie Filo. Best Cinematography. Pat Scola. Best Feature. Minhal Baig (producer) Joe Pirro (producer) I hope it keeps the momentum and makes it award season.


Blake Cameron James

Gian Knight Ramirez

Avery Holliday

Ora Jones

It's a must see. Head to The Broadway Theatre this weekend and make sure this film is recognized by mainstream movie goers. If you are in another city, shout out on my instagram what theatre you can see it in!

Grade: A-

Release date: April 19, 2024 (USA)

Director: Minhal Baig

Music by: Jay Wadley

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