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Home Sweet Home Alone

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Home Sweet Home Alone

Rated PG

A Little over 30 years ago a young, overly excited kid named Kevin McCallister rocked the box office and our hearts with the movie Home Alone. Fastforward to today, we now have a reboot of this fun Christmas staple. In the new version, made for DIsney+, we have another young man who causes a lot of trouble. This time is it’s young Max Mercer. He, just like McCallister, is stuck in a home with too many relatives all headed to a family vacation. On their way home one day they stopped at an open house to use the restroom and meets Pam and Jeff. They are selling their house and while going through stuff, they find a very rear doll collation belonging to Jeff’s mother. On the of the dolls is very ugly and they find out with the help of Max’s mom, that the doll is worth a lot of money.

Pam and Jeff have a problem, they have not told their family they are selling their house because of bad finances. Once they find out how much the doll is worth, they decide to sell it. The only problem is, they can’t find it and Jeff thinks Max took it. Back at Max’s house becomes Home Alone! After a lot of bad choices, nonsense and misunderstandings, the house is demolished and the doll is found in a place no one would have expected.

This does not have the charm of the original movie but for a made for TV, Disney family film, it was pretty fun for what it is. It is a movie that you and your kids 12 and under will watch on family movie night with some snacks and get some giggles on the side. Archie Yates from JoJo Rabbit was great as the new Home Alone kid. I can’t wait to see more from him.

Grade B-

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