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Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars

Rated PG-13



Shooting Stars is the Basketball movie I have been looking for this year. I love the sports film genre. If a sports film is doing the right thing you are going to get heart, feel inspired, learn something and maybe even think about playing the game when you are done watching the film. Shooting Stars checks all of those off for me.

I think everyone, even if they don't know a lot about basketball, has heard of LeBron James. Heck, I'm wearing his shoes right now. As much as I have heard his name and love his shoes, I don't really follow basketball. I learned a lot about him and his life while watching this biopic. This Peacock streaming movie is inspired by LeBron James and his childhood friends (The Fab Five) It follows them through their school neighborhood and trials on and off the court. Before LeBron was a four-time NBA Champion, he was just a kid who wanted to play ball.

The Fab Five play an intricate part in James's life and the movie. I love the relationship that they have with Dre Joyce II. One of the most pivotal points in the movie and in these young men's lives is when Drew Joyce III decides to leave their high school because he thinks he should be starting on a Varsity team and head to St Mary's. His dad supports it and his friends go with him. They are called sellouts by their peers, but it changes their lives.

The movie is steaming on Peacock now

Grade B+

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