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The Batman

Review by Valerie Cameron

The Batman

Rated PG-13


The Batman is a gutsy version of the caped crusader. In a movie that none of us asked for, including fans, Director Matt Reeves gives us what we need. After watching this film, I was confused about how I felt. I thought for a minute that this is defiantly not "My "Batman, but it doesn't mean it's not good. For me it is a mix between the movie "Seven", an animated Batman episode and a more intimate version of "The Dark Knight". Open your mind and remember that there are so many different versions of Batman. Allow yourself to watch this Batman movie as an updated film noir detective movie, you will like it. Remember, Batman is the World's Greatest Detective.

The ensemble cast is a dream and the villains shine, Colin Farrell as an unrecognizable Penguin who quietly steals every scene he is in. One of my favorites, John Turturro, plays mob leader Carmine Falcone and We even get The Riddler (Paul Dano) who is based off the Zodiac Killer. Zoe Kravitz plays Selina Kyle aka Catwoman, makes it her own and she may be my new favorite. She is a strong character, who has a dark past. Unlike other versions of this character, she is not driven by a big hate of society or the way she has been treated. She is driven by a responsibility she believes she has for the people in her life and the love of her mother. She has a drive of anger and does think that killing is ok if the person "deserves" it. I am sure, because of her character and background, that balancing the line of good and evil with be her trials in the future. This is the most human and believable back story for Catwaoman I have seen on screen. Emo Bruce Wayne, played by Robert Pattinson, even works in the environment and story that is built for him. It's not conventional, it's not safe and you don't have to see Bruce Waynes's parents die again. Big Plus there haha.

It has some pacing problems here and there and sometimes the music takes me to Forks... but I like where it is going, I also like that this "new" Batman is for a new audience and speaks to a different kind of fan. Saying that, at the same time speaks to the comicbook and animated fans that have loved the Detective and darker side of Batman we have always had. Remember this, fans didn't think Keaton was a match, they didn't think Bale looked the part and some think Affleck has too big of a head. They all attract a new audience and tell a different side of Batman/Bruce Waynes story.

The Batman/Superhero side of this movie took me a few days. I needed to really digest it. The vibe both visually and story content is different than we are used to seeing from a Batman film. This is not an overly masculine kick butt Batman. This is a story heavy, moody, thought provoking, visually stunning detective film. It builds characters from scene to scene and allows them to breathe. They will creep their way into your psyche and sit there for a few days. I am here for all of it.

Studio: Warner Brothers

Grade B+

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