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The Nameless Days

Review by Valerie Cameron

If a supernatural thriller is what you need this weekend, then you may want to check this out. Starring Ally Ioannides (Parenthood, Into the Badlands) and Utah native Charles Halford (True Detective, Constantine) as Charlie and Nicole Sorenson, a single father and daughter living on a remote ranch on the Texas Mexico border. When Nicole tries to help a young migrant rescue his pregnant sister stuck on the Mexican side, they become the target of a dark presence who wants to take the baby. The film opens nationally and on video-on-demand on Friday, April 1.

The film is based on an ancient Aztec folk tale about women who have died in childbirth who come back from the dead to hunt for the thing they were denied in life, babies. The film’s story is set at the border between Mexico and the U.S., the historic mining town of Eureka, Utah stood in for the southern border.

The movie touches on some very “on point” messaging for our time. Boarders and migrants trying to find a better life and how we treat those who need our help. That entwined with demons, myths and ghost stories will keep you guessing what will come next. This is a low budget film, shot locally in Utah. The thriller part of the story is one I have seen before and hits a very similar note to another movie opening this weekend. The acting is good, and the story is decent. If you want to support independent local filmmakers, this is your choice for the weekend.

Studio: Vertical Entertainment

Grade: C+

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