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Rated R

I am going to start out saying that I know more than most everyday people about the royals. I am not a scholar on the subject but I know more than the tabloids and whispers. So going into this film I have a lot of information in my back pocket. I have also watched all of The Crown as well, so have plenty to compare this film to. It was gutsy. I think when most of us think of a movie about the royal family and especially Diana, we think we will get something very polished and fancy. This is not that movie.

We enter the movie at a very dark time in Diana’s life. She is heading to a Christmas weekend with the Royals just as the infidelity of her husband is becoming more well-known and in her face. The marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles has been cold for a long time now and during this holiday weekend it all comes to a head in her head…. “Spencer” is a dark tale of what they thought happened during that sad weekend. Dianna is already mentally reeling and the movie shows her mental ups and downs as well as her eating disorder and inconsolable demeanor.

The Shakspearian feel and musical score will make you feel you are losing control just like her and that you need a break. It is almost horror film like music and cinematography will get in your head and have you questioning what this movie is supposed to be.

I am a fan of showing how things really were and taking a darker spin on reality. The Director did a great job and although I was not sure about casting Kristin Stewart in this role for several reasons, she pulled it off most of the time. If you don’t know a lot about Diana’s life this movie may seem like a confusing twisted turn of events, with too many metaphors and not enough real substance. It is confusing to general audiences and at sometimes pretentious. It will be nominated for awards and artsy movie goers will applaud it. I just can’t give a “B” to a movie that specifically makes itself inaccessible to a broader audience.

Grade: C+

In theatres November 5th, 2021

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