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This is the Bridgerton story I have been waiting for!

Can't wait for all the tea Lady Whistledown.

Bridgerton season 3



Streaming on Netflix May 16th

There are two parts to this new season, part one begins May 16th and Part two begins June13th. After leaving us with a super jaw dropping finally, fans are ready to see what happens next. This season we focus on one of my favorite characters, Penelope Featherington. She has been a wallflower, shy young woman with almost no interest in being presented into society.

This season she is changing her tune and is ready to get out and get married. Like the past two seasons she has her eyes on a Bridgerton. Penelopy and Colin Bridgerton have been friends since they were young children. He is also out there looking for someone to marry. Will they get past their friendship and find end up together or will unrequitedly love continue for Penelope? In the middle of all of this mystery, we are all waiting for the head gossip queen, Lady Whistledown.....Will her identity be revealed to her community? 

No spoilers from me.

I do think you need to see the first two seasons to be connected to these characters and feel the longing Penelope has for Colin. For that reason, I am keeping clues close to my chest and leave the juicy Whisteldown tidbits for you to discover. For me, I have been looking forward to this season and this storyline. I think it will be the best one yet. 

Grade: Predicting B+

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