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You got naked for this?! NO HARD FEELINGS

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

I am not being nice about this one. Review rated R

By Valerie Cameron

No Hard Feelings

Rated R


Columbia Pictures

In theatres June 23, 2023

To say this movie is a big miss is an understatement. I am a big fan of artists and actors taking chances and mixing it up, but I don't understand this decision. Jenneifer Lawrence has proven she has great timing both in dramas and dark comedies. I can see why she would want to make a fun and raunchy comedy. Who doesn't want to have fun?

If you can think of an annoying female movie trope, stereotype or crutch it is in this movie. There were so many cringy moments that it made me feel uncomfortable. Don't get me wrong, I love myself a good raunchy comedy that makes you sting a little. But seeing the talents of JLaw being thrown into a bad "B" movie toilet filled with shitty low level "sexy" scenarios from the 90's, was awful to watch as a woman. The bottom line, IT JUST WASN"T FUNNY!

The problem is this movie makes you feel like you will never have fun again after leaving the theatre. There are a handful of endearing moments that show you what the movie could have been. Actor Andrew Barth Feldman does great in this role, but keeps getting sidelined by stupid and unoriginal story flaws. The bright parts of the movie are then drowned out by the tired, forced, stereotypical characters and storyline we have seen before and have been done better.

Some of the scenes are almost shot by shot of the oh so similar romantic comedy "Failure to Launch" with Matthew Mcconahay from 2006. Did the writers think they were updating this already ridiculous story? I did enjoy failure to Launch, but it is by no means a movie to set movies by. Not even Jennifer Lawrences completely nude and beautiful body can save this film. That leads me to the question, WHY DID YOU GET NAKED FOR THIS FILM?

Why, Jennifer, did you choose this project? Ok, I could see a small light of potential, but it went so wrong.

Do I like seeing movies where you have to try and fight hard for your home and maybe you have to do some weird or questionable things to save your home? YES! Do I want to see characters being empowered to get out and live their lives and realize that they don't need to be led around by their parents or elders and think for themselves? That is a hell yes. Do I like to see beautiful female actors break free of the stereotypical characters they are made to play and push the boundaries of comedy? FUCK YES!

All of the ingredients were there, but like a bad game of telephone, the movie started out as a funny romantic comedy and came out on the other side a flaming regurgitated crap.

I guess I am just so disappointed by the choice and mediocrity of the film. I have seen worse movies, but none of those bad films had this much going for it and then missed the mark so badly.

Do yourself a favor and just don't!

Grade: D

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